January 2015 Update

It has been a busy month with several projects that’s going on.  I am predicting that this year is going to be another exciting year.  I am launching a few new projects this year and hopefully it will be successful.

House Renovation: Kitchen / Utility Room – Phase 1

Since a lot of the things in the condo that my wife and I are living in are little outdated.  We have decided to upgrade the utility room and the kitchen by ripping the old vinyl out in both rooms.  We replaced the flooring with vinyl tiles which was a very easy installation.  It took most of the day to do it.  My wife did most of the painting with the French Cream color.  Overall, it was a fun weekend of tear down and installing to make it look new again.  We will be finishing up the Utility Room once we get the pantry and the adjustable wire shelving in placed.  Once that’s done, we will move on to the Kitchen!

Relaunch of HandTechStudio.com

Hand Tech Studio is a company that I have started back in 2007 and never really run it until 2010.  For years, I have felt that my website hasn’t really stand out.  I have been rebuilding HandTechStudio.com and I have a better feeling and can’t wait to reveal it to the public very soon.  It’s responsive, fresh, scrollable, and point forward.  The trends for website design and development in 2015 ideally are less click and more scroll so that’s what I’m going to be delivering with HandTechStudio.com.

Coming Soon: ASLpolis

This is something that I have felt that would work in the ASL (American Sign Language) community.  It’s always difficult to find ASL events in the city when you don’t know where to look for it.  Also it will help users when they visit a new city to find ASL events in that city.  I was inspired with the direction that Metromix was going with before they shut down and left Chicago the only metromix running.  I feel that the concept of ASLpolis can parallel with the direction that Metromix had going while the focus for ASLpolis will be more on the ASL community.  Maybe ASLpolis will establish more events for the ASL community while  adding general public events to balance both worlds.  While that being said, ASLpolis is something that I have been working for over a year putting it together from brainstorming to development to the final product.  While the launch is soft, the idea will fall in place as the product will continue to evolve to a stronger product that will be marketable to ASL community and the potentials sponsors to join ASLpolis’s journey to success and beyond.  I will announce it on my Facebook page when

Update on CoasterMedia.net

At last, the last update for January 2015.  While I’m working on several projects at this time being, I am hoping to post on CoasterMedia.net at least 2 or 3 times a week with new post.  Some of the posts that I have started are taking some time due to a few factors at time being.   I will be making some update on CoasterMedia by adding new features on the site.

Go out and have some fun!  Life is short and live every minute of it! I am doing it daily!