“Who’s Your Daddy” – Pregnancy iPhone App for Father-to-be

Yes!  My wife and I are pregnant!  We are currently 4 ½ months along.  Instead of downloading pregnancy app that is typically for soon-to-be mothers, I came across “Who’s Your Daddy” app for iPhone that is fit for soon-to-be father!

“Who’s Your Daddy?” was written for men by men along with some advice from midwives.  It’s fully customized around YOUR child due date and give you some laugh during the nine months and informative tips where you don’t need a medical dictionary to figure it out.   The design is very clean and simple to make it easy to read and get the info you need on the spot.

The app includes Daily Tips, Weekly Tips, Countdown Timer, Timeline with the key dates of the child’s growth in the womb, and a few other resources you would need during the nine months.

Here is one of my favorite weekly update so far.  This is from Week 14 and it make sense to me.yodaWYD

When my wife, Randee, became pregnant, I quickly learn that there was a lot of learning curve and I need to know if I should or should know on certain scenario.  With the weekly tips, it helps me to know what’s happening with the baby, with my wife, and what I need to do to help my wife to make her pregnancy to be as smooth as possible.

“Who’s your daddy” is avaiable for $2.99 USD from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or at http://appstore.com/whosyourdaddy

For more information about the app, you can visit http://www.whosyourdaddyapp.com