Hatbox Ghost came back to the Haunted Mansion after 40 years!

Video Posted by Attractions Magazine.

The famous Hatbox Ghost has reappeared at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland yesterday.  He has disappeared from the haunted mansion for over 40 years and he finally came back.  The Hatbox Ghost was one of the early residents of Haunted Mansion.  He was known for the effect where his ghost’s head disappear and then reappear in his hatbox.  There was many malfunction in the early days so it was removed after a few months Haunted Mansion debut 1969.  There has been rumors spreading around back in the days where it has been said that Hatbox Ghost was too scary for the little ones.

Two years ago at D23 Convention, Official Disney Fan Club Convention, Walt Disney Imagineering showed of the new Hatbox Ghost animatronic.  The fans’ hope that the new improved version of Hatbox Ghost would return to the Mansion.  Earlier this year, Disney made the announcement about his return, it brought hundreds of Manison Fans to the attraction when it debuted yesterday.

Hatbox Ghost appeared at the end of the Attic Scene in the Mansion before heading to the graveyard.  His performance is new and much more convincing with his disappearing “hat trick.”

Be sure to head down to Disneyland soon to check it out.  I’m assuming that Walt Disney World’s Epcot Haunted Mansion will bring back Hatbox Ghost as well in the near future.

Here’s the Full POV with the debut of Hatbox Ghost posted by ThemeParkHD on YouTube.