Graveyard Games coming to Halloween Horror Nights With Revenge

Universal Orlando Resort just announced the last original Haunted House, Graveyard Games.  It seems like it will take you back to the true HHN Houses that they have had in the past.

Graveyard Games will take you to Ascension Parish Cemetery.  It’s normal to find teens playing amongst the tombstones until you witness disrespectful two teens who have awakened the spirit of the Dead.  As you roam through the cemetery, you’ll wind through dark mausoleums and decay piles of coffins.

There will be revenge coming from Ghosts of every shape and form coming after you while you’re trying to escape the maze of the crumbling tombstones and mausoleums.  As we were told, you’ll find out what happen to those who set out to deface the cemetery.

This house already gave me goosebumps as we learned that you can learn the history and spooky legends the cemetery keeps by using your own phone and open Facebook Messenger to Halloween Horror Nights page while waiting in the queen before heading in the house.

It’s getting closer and the gate of Halloween Horror Nights open on September 6th to November 2nd.  Be sure to catch up all the latest news with Halloween Horror Nights below!

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