The Purge TV Series Is Back on October 15th

The Purge TV Series season 2 will premieres October 15 on USA Network. This season will start with a whole new cast and will be showing in a different foundation than a traditional TV series with similar cast as the story continues. Once again, the show will set in a world where one night a year virtually become lawless for 12 hours as anything goes.

With the new focus of this season, we will explore how a single Purge night affect the lives of 4 main characters has some connection with each other over the course of throughout the year leading up to the next Purge. The first season was amazing and well plot out. I was beyond impress how the story was told and it definingly keep you on your toes until the end of the season.

The Purge season 2 is produced by James DeMonaco, the franchise’s creator and director of the first three Purge movies. The starring cast for this season will include Derek Luke, Max Martini, Paola Nuñez, Joel Allen, and many more.

Check out the trailer below for sneak preview of what to expect this season!

Be on the look out as I will be doing recap after each episodes for this TV series. I’m excited as I enjoyed watching the last season! If you haven’t watch The Purge season 1, you now can binge watch it on Hulu or buy it on DVD via Amazon or anywhere that has a copy of it. Watching the story of what takes place during the 12 hours Purge is intense!