What’s coming on shore at Kings Dominion for 2020?

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Kings Dominion is 400 acres packed with 60 rides, shows, and attractions.  It’s also the home of the largest collection breath-taking roller coasters on the east coast.  The park continue to make ways to bring guests back to the park by adding new experience and attractions to the park.

This year, Kings Dominion will be opening a new area in Soak City called Coconut Shores.  In Coconut Shores you will be able to play with the interactive multi-level aqua play structure.  Also in Coconut shores, the little ones can enjoy the all-new wave pool experience.  Not only that, an all new dining experiences are coming to both Kings Dominion and Soak City.  And last of all, we bid farewell to one of the attractions before 2020 season begins.  Let catch up with what’s all happening at Kings Dominion this year!

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Coconut Shores coming to Soak City!

Kings Dominion just little bigger with the new area, Coconut Shores!  Two new attractions will make Soak City even wetter! First one is open to all ages, Lighthouse Landing, interactive multi-level aqua play structure where you can explore and climb your way to the top.  Not only that, Lighthouse Landing has over 200 elements, 8 twisting slides, two gigantic tipping buckets, and more!  Here’s the second and last attractions that target to the little ones, Sand Dun Lagoon.  This 24” deep mini-wave pool that feature a foot tall waves so kids can splash and play.  Other fun you may find along the beach are beachy creatures like coastal crabs and tropical turtles.

Not only that, guests enjoy some Latin and Asian flavors or family favorites in the brand new dining experience designed by the executive chef.  The guest can enjoy some savory tastes along with some tropical alcoholic beverage (for 21+ folks) while having fun at the water park.

You can learn more about Coconut Shores here.

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Grain & Grill: New Dining Experience

Not only Kings Dominion’s Soak City will be getting the new expansion, Grain & Grill – International Grill Restaurant will be coming to the park.  The restaurant will feature seasonal local sourced ingredients.  The goal was to be able to cater to many dietary needs such as Keto, Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Paleo, and more.

At Grain & Grill, you will get a choice of protein and two sides with over hundreds of different meal combinations from healthy twist to comfort food items.  You can complete your meal with your favorite craft beers, ciders, wines, and cocktails.  Best part of this new dining experience is that it’s all part of the Dining Plan!

Grain & Grill will be found on International Street where Panda Express once stood.  The building is currently getting full refresh including to updates to the patio to feature a full-service bar.

Kings Dominion will be doing a new culinary update each Friday this season series known as Foodie Fridays on their social channels.  Grain & Grill is set to open in Spring 2020!

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The Crypt Is Sealed

Something is definitely happening in Safari Village in the coming future.  After the removal of Volcano: The Blast Coaster last year, Kings Dominion is retiring The Crypt (Huss Top Spin) attraction before 2020 season begins.  The Crypt opened as a Tomb Raider: Firefall in 2005 while it was under Paramount’s operation and been renamed to The Crypt in 2008.  The attraction feature fire and waters as the guests sit in the rotating gondola going forward and backwards as fire and water effects blast out.  The Crypt is located in the Safari Village and it was located very close to former Volcano: The Blast Coaster.

The park wasn’t ready to discuss whatever is planned for 2021.  According to their blog, they hinted – “Things are lurking in the jungle.”  The Crypt is seal for good.  Check out the video announcement for the closure of The Crypt.

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What’s ahead?

Kings Dominion continue to make way to improve and expand their park.  With two major attractions removed from Safari Village, something must be coming its way hopefully sometime next year.  Will we find out this coming year?  Rumors going around that there will be a new roller coaster.  Who knows?!  But I can’t wait to see what it will be!

I am bummed to miss out a lot of the older attractions but I’m excited about what’s coming to Kings Dominion whatever is coming.  I’m looking forward to the future trip(s) to Kings Dominion whenever that happen.  Kings Island has been my home park while growing up and while Kings Dominion is a sister park.  I can see a lot of similarities in both parks.  Right now, I’m just enjoying my little ones and waiting for them to get little older and taller to do more rides so we can make a trip up to check it out!