Atari Hotels Coming To Life in Eight Cities

Atari, trailblazer in the gaming industry, is working on an exciting concept:  a unique lodging experience combing with the one-of-a-kind video game-themed destination.  Atari Hotels will be another level of hotel entertainment with fully immersive experiences for every age and gaming ability, including both VR and AR.  Selected hotels will feature state-of-the-art venues and studios to accommodate esports events.

Atari and GSD Group announced a deal to acquire the rights to build video game-themed Atari Hotels in the United States, starting with the first location in Phoenix, AZ later this year.

“When creating this brand-new hotel concept, we knew that Atari would be the perfect way to give guests the ‘nostalgic and retro meets modern’ look and feel we were going for. Let’s face it, how cool will it be to stay inside an Atari?!” said Napoleon Smith III.

“Atari Hotels will be the first of their kind in the U.S., offering gamers of all ages the ultimate in immersive entertainment and in every aspect of gaming. We’re excited to be working on this project with such great partners and to bring a big win to Arizona,” added Shelly Murphy.

The iconic video game company licensed its name to Phoenix-based real estate developer, True North Studio to develop the hotel chain. Hotel development and design is being led by Shelly Murphy, GSD Group CEO, and Napoleon Smith III, producer of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” film franchise reboot.

The first hotel is expected to break ground mid 2020 in Phoenix. Other hotels are planned for Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco and San Jose.

While we wait for further news, we’ll just have to twiddle our thumbs — or play a bunch of Pac Man trying to catch Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

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