Meet TommyT 067 – Roller Coasters Creator Fan on YouTube

Stay At Home Order is pretty much happening at lot of places across the nation and even worldwide.  It’s great time to catch up your shows, movies, and latest posts on YouTube and even find new one.  I came across one new channel for me with the out of the world roller coasters experience.   If you’re familiar with Planet Coaster, video game simulator building your own roller coasters.  It’s similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon but in more advance with many features and more fluid elements with amazing scenery as well.

Meet MrTommylafleur aka TommyT 067!  As described on his channel, he has made insane expedition coasters, movie rides, re-create of actual rides and out of the world dark rides with all front row view.  Definitely worth checking out!

Here’s one of my favorite POV video from his work, Fantasy of Flights.  It take you back to AVATAR experience.  You really get the sense of Pandora here without any need of adding creatures and character.  It’s stunning and peaceful that’s pack with thrill and screams for sure!

Be sure to check out his playlist on his outstanding vision of his mind with roller coasters creations.  Do you have a favorite YouTube channel that you follow that recreate or create roller coasters that is out of the world made on Planet Coaster?  Comment away!