The Silent Natural – Inspirational story of William “Dummy” Hoy

Inspirational story tells of the trials and tribulations of William “Dummy” Hoy (played by Miles Barbee), the first deaf Major League Baseball star.  Learn where the hand signals in baseball came from, and the history of one of the greatest players of his time.  Dummy Hoy didn’t just break records, he made them.  Records that still stand in baseball today.

Dummy Hoy showed everyone what he was capable of doing and broke the “Prejudicial Barrier” well before Jackie Robinson.  Hoy also showed us that no matter what your circumstance, if you have the will to overcome it, you can.

Check out the trailer below.

You can rent this movie for $4.99 and it will be available to watch for 48 hours.  You can follow The Silent Natural on Facebook, as well follow Dummy Hoy on Facebook as well visit the official website for this Feature film here.

This feature film – The Silent Natural, directed by David Riscotto, is proudly presented in partnership with ZVRS and Purple Communication.  While this is one of the historical moment in Deaf history, ZVRS and Purple provided the platform and captioning to make this widely available for viewers worldwide to watch it.  All proceeds will go to DMY HOY, LLC in support of bringing together an amazing team of talent and resources to create this film.

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