Thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awaken” Teaser

JJ Abrams has really kept Star Wars VII: The Force Awaken under wrap for a long time for more than two years since the announcement of Star Wars releasing Episode VII-IX.  We have less than a year to go now before we get to see the film.  Below you will see my thoughts when I have watched it over and over again.  I personally thought it was well executed.  I have been out of the loop with the Star Wars update and the extended universe for some time.  I’m definite getting back to it and enjoying every bit of it.  If you have not seen the trailer, you can find it at the end of this post.


It looks like we are heading back to the famous planet, Tatooine.  What is left on Tatooine that we don’t know?  Jabba the Hutt is dead. There is not a lot of focus on Tatooine in the Original Trilogy.   Maybe it is a new desert planet that will be introduced in the new trilogy.

The teaser open with John Boyega as a Stormtrooper, maybe he is the one of the main role player in this film.   Could this be a hidden agenda of the missing Jedi play as a Stormtrooper to spy on the Empire away from the Emperor and Darth Vader presence?  Would this guy be the new heroic in the same place as Luke Skywalker?  All we can tell from this shot that there is threat on the way.  What could the threat be?

New Droid at Tatooine?


After the opening shot, we are taken to this new droid, BB-8, rolling in the sand through some place in the desert.  Mark Hamill has reported that this droid is not CGI.  This make it even better while R2-D2 was not CGI as well which was controlled by remote control or worn by Kenny Baker.  It brings up the new question if this is the new version of droid after the poorly executed Federation Droid Army that was seen in the prequel.  I notice there were some podrace parts in the background.  I hope we don’t see another podracing version in the new trilogy.

Rebel Vs Empire


This seems pretty clear that the Empire had formed together again shortly after Death Star II exploded in Return of the Jedi.  We know that the battle between the Rebels vs. the Empire is far from over.  In this scene, it shows that Stormtroopers heading to battle in such an intense way.  This shot reminded me of the Death Trooper book cover.  Are we expecting Zombie Stormtroopers?  I doubt it.  We all know that Darth Vader and Emperor were killed.  Who is holding in charge now?  Unknown.  Did you notice the new makeover on the helmet?  I totally dig it!

New Hero(s)


Throughout the whole trailer, we haven’t seen the former cast from the original trilogy such as Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, or Carrie Fisher.  Of course, JJ Abrams has to protect his story until the film release day.  The real question now, who is actually the new hero?  Is this one of the daughter of Luke and Jade Skywalker or Han and Leia?   The answer is unknown.  Through out the whole teaser, it seems like Tatooine will be the home of many scenes that will be found in the film.



In my opinion, this is one of the most amazing shot of the whole teaser since you really never see X-Wing in the daylight or flying close to the ground.  In Episode IV – VI, you always see them in space or at the Bay.  Of course, we can’t forget about Luke’s Training with Yoda at Dagobah as well.

Mysterious Sith


Whoa!  Who is this guy?!  Now, wait a minute…I totally dig the lightsaber!  I am hoping it serve more than just cosmetic.  Darth Vader has only one blade in the Original Trilogy.  Darth Maul has two blades in the Prequel Trilogy.  Now this mysterious Sith has 3 blades for the new trilogy of Star Wars.  Now the bigger question is… Who is this guy and where did he come from?  Did Luke Skywalker take turn to the Dark side of the force?  I highly doubt it.  This teaser doesn’t reveal enough information at this time.  Still, that lightsaber is pretty wicked!



Millenium Falcon and Tie-Fighter has made a major comeback with some upgrade on the ship.  I am a huge fan of the Millennium Falcon and I do hope to see a replica form of it sometime in my lifetime as well a few other vehicles seen in Star Wars.  I have a feeling that Han Solo’s kid took over the Falcon and continue the Solo Legacy that Han and Leia has started together.

This teaser is far, far away in the galaxy from disappointment.  I’m actually stoked to see what Disney has done to continue the Star Wars Legacy.  The teasers already look promising to what JJ Abrams has to bring to the loyal Star Wars Fan as well the rest of the world.  I do hope that this trilogy will win after the downfall from the Prequel Trilogy.  I am grateful that we have the Prequel Trilogy to help us have the establishment of what became of Darth Vader than just plopping him out of nowhere.

We are only 351 Days away from the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens!

Official Star Wars VII: The Force Awaken Teaser