Savant’s “Kali 47” put EPIC in Wild West

I came across this music video that was posted on Eric Fox, former contestants from Season 4 on Face Off Series.  When I saw this video, the word came to mind was EPIC!  Literally!  I know the word “epic” is being overused, but this music video Savant’s Kali 47 is E.P.I.C.

Kali 47 directed by Mike Diva, YouTube personality and special effects guru, is a music video which took about 6 months in making.  It was crowd-funded through Indiegogo as they were hoping to get $15,000 and they raised it to $19,903!   Clearly, the video was well put together!  The video features effect-laden onslaught of grisly steampunk action out in the Wild West filled by a dirty drumstep beat.

Eric Fox was responsible for the make-up while Mike Diva just put the special effect.  It brought the whole new meaning of Wild West.  Let forget about Wild Wild West starring Will Smith!  This is whole new Wild West!  I was blown away and loved it!  I’m looking forward to see more music video like this that definite the true meaning of EPIC!