Get Pitch-Slapped!

I watched “Pitch Perfect” on TV with my wife the other day.  I really enjoyed this movie and had load of laugh out of it.   I highly recommend for those who want some laugh and some incredible music!  Check out 4 scenes from the film that I enjoyed the most but you need to watch the whole thing to get the whole movie.

Audition Scene

This scene takes you to the audition to be on the a capella team. Just watching how all of these singers sing is hilarious.  Some did well and other… not so much.

Vomit Angel

There are quite few vomit scenes throughout the movie, this is the winner of all where Lilly was making Vomit Angel!  Gross and hilarious! Throughout the whole film, Lilly make so many odd remarks.

Treblemakers Finals

After the Treblemakers leader, Bumper, left to join John Mayer’s tour, Jesse took place and invite Benji to be a part of the treblemakers.  It was pretty amazing tunes!

Bellas Finals

This is a DYNAMIC turning point for the Bellas to show the world what they are made of and they came up with this!  This blew every competitors off the floor.  There’s a lot of pieces that has a meaning to it that is jam all together to create this GRAND FINALE! Amazing!

Trailer for the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out on May 15, 2015 in theater!  Go check it out!