Black Hammock Adventure

My family and I went on a little trip to Black Hammock this past weekend and had fun!  If you ever need a break from busy Orlando life, this is one of the place you can go to escape from busy to laidback and mellow lifestyle.  Black Hammock is located on Lake Jesup in Ovideo, Florida.  This can be a tour of 30 minutes to an all day event.  With having a 8-Month old baby and hot weather, we did within 2 hours including the time we ate at the restaurant.

We started off eating lunch at the restaurant.  It was reasonable price.  Instead of ordering food in my comfort zone, I want to challenge my palettes.  I order Blacked Gator Tacos.  It was not bad at all.  It actually taste like chicken but little chewier.  The experience in the restaurant has a hit of tropical retro vibe.  There was little alligator tank as it was fun to watch as you can see they move more than you think.  There was 2-for-1 Margarita promo which sound good but opt-out for now.

After eating, we check out the animal exhibits they had.  It was free!  They had Birds, Gators, and python.  However, we didn’t see the python on exhibit.  There were two different gators exhibit.  One exhibit is for the large Gator exhibit for one loyal Alligator name Hammy.  Second one, you will find smaller gator exhibit and you will meet Spikey, Chewie, Ziggie, Chloe, Grumy and Peaches.  Usually I see alligators being still and not move one bit.  Here, I see the alligators moves around a lot more than I’m used to seeing.  It was fun to watch as well my daughter enjoy watching it.

While we didn’t do the Airboat, you can take a ride on the airboat and encounter even more alligators.  As well, you can enjoy the beautiful Lake Jesup and checking out the Bird Island to see even more birds and possible alligators.

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