New Chapter for!

Hello Fans of,

Thank you for your loyalty and support of  You have been extremely vital to success of at a period of time, and it is important I share with the new change of owner and it’s future.

Since I started CoasterWarriors in 2006, I had two purposes for  First is the obvious as it was a site that I can share my passion for theme parks, roller coasters, and everything within.  I have shared trip reports, latest news about what’s going on within the theme park industry, and started to have some sort of database going.  The second purpose was more for me personally as I was becoming an web developer/designer.  It was my test site where I can try new things in live mode and it has been successful for time being until I got involved with other projects and starting to generate income.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep up with the news along with what was happening with my life at the time in both good and bad

I’m pleased that Ryan B. – former co-admin to now proud owner of to step in to continue to make the dreams I have for to come true and carry on.  Everything you see posted there from now on will be posted by Ryan B. and his new teams whenever it is formed.

I want to say it has been a fun ride and been a pleasure to code/design for all CoasterWarriors fans.  You can always find my latest update and my thoughts here on, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  There will be a lot more on the way soon.  I will be at theme parks, amusement parks, and water parks somewhere sometime even here in Orlando! Fear it! Ride it! Love it!

Thank you,