4K-HD Enhancement on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and have been on “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” at Universal Orlando Resort, you need to go back and ride it again!  Universal Orlando Resort just announced that the ride has been enhanced to feature 4K-HD and state-of-the-art imagery projection.  This will bring higher-quality imagergy that’s even more realistic and sharper images that will further submerge you into the ride.

While the upgrade is in place, the ride’s storyline and set designs haven’t changed.   You can now fly with Harry and his friends with clear imagery.  The storyline is closer to you than ever.  Universal Orlando Resort is the last park that has received the upgrade after Universal Studio Hollywood and Universal Studio Singapore has used it on their similar attraction.

I personally can’t wait to ride it again and experience the upgrade.  During my last ride, there was several time where it was chopping or flickering.  While I love the ride and the concept, I can’t wait to have a better experience riding it!