Carnival Graveyard: Rust In Pieces coming to Halloween Horror Night 2018

This fall season, as guests trespass into a broken-down carnival, they will find a maze of decayed rides and games.  They are not alone.  The carnies won’t stop until they’ve their fun-filled revenge while stalking the guest’s every move as they are trying to escape the graveyard.

The pieces and parts of multiple carnivals have gathered and left to rot. Bright colors turn to rust, cotton candy decays, and funhouses cave in.

Carnival Graveyard: Rust In Pieces is the fifth installment of the ten haunted houses for Halloween Horror Night 2018.  Be ready for the caramel-coated carnival that has long died.  Ride parts have become instruments of torture and the walls have been painted in the blood of those foolish enough to enter.  The Joke’s on you.

Check out our Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Guide that cover everything you need to know before you go to the event. Halloween Horror Nights™ is select nights Sep. 14–Nov. 3rd. Be ready to face more houses than ever before.  Like they said, they know what scare you.  Good Luck!