Sideshow introduce Jurassic Park’s T-Rex Attack Set Collection

I have been a subscriber to Sideshow Newsletter for over 2 years.  I love the collection they released featuring Star Wars, Batman, and many other brand.  I have been wanting to write a post about various collectable that grab my attention.

Today, I got the another newsletter and this one draw my attention since I’m a fan of Jurrasic Park.  Sideshow and Iron Studio has present the new 1:10 Art Scale Collectible Set from Jurrasic Park.  Let check out T-Rex Attack (Set A & Set B).  This collectible capture the iconic scene where Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcom are attempting to distract the T-Rex from attacking Tim and Alex as they are trapped in the Jungle Explorer.


This set is hand-painted, comes with Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm figures which can be bought separately if you don’t want the whole set.  This set also include Tim and Alex figure, T-Rex Figure, the damaged Jungle Explorer 04, and the Jungle Explorer with a open right door just like the movie.  Oh the best part is that Alan Grant’s figure, his flare stick has LED light-up effects!  There are “easter egg” feature as well.  It was also posted that it will include Artwork and exclusive card on the iconic card from the 90’s.

This set is now on pre-order sale for $2,499.99 or you can pay as little as $281.25/mo as part of their Payment Plans.  It’s expected to ship between April 2019 – June 2019.  Great collection for Jurassic Park fan!

Check out T-Rex Attack Collectible Set on Sideshow!

Enjoy the reference clip where this collectible set is inspired from.