Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras introducing BOLT – First Sea Coaster

Two of my favorite things just merge into one; Cruise and Roller Coasters. Carnival Cruise Line just announced a brand-new ship with the familiar name from their first ship that came out in 1972; Mardi Gras. Not only it’s paying homage to their first ship but it’s going to be a whole festival on there. Mardi Gras will be the first ship ever with an onboard rollercoaster: BOLT!  Check out the preview:

BOLT will be the fastest and first roller coaster at sea! Four riders will be strap in and zoom around the open-air course 187 high above sea level in motorcycle-style train throughout the course. While this coaster has similar concept of Alpine Coaster as far as you get to control how fast you go so Go big or go home (well more like a chicken shack since you can’t go home from open sea until few days later). It’s promising some amazing 360 degree ocean views while riding it.  You can learn more about the Spike Coaster here.

Theme Park Review has shared on their YouTube of similar coaster aka Sky Dragster at Skyline Park in Bavaria, Germany. Check out there video below.

BOLT will be made by Maurer Rides using Spike Dragster model which you can find out more on their website. It seems pretty innovative and good fit for the cruise line with 3 main focus which is interactivity, free layout, and acceleration. With the interactivity, riders can be able to maneuver their ride experience on the coaster. Every spot has different layout so with the cruise, it’s going to be pretty tight fit, but Spike Dragster model is a good coaster to use due to free layout. And at last, acceleration with the interactivity, they can control the speed matching their thrill preference level.

Best of all, there’s no up-charge on riding BOLT which is all part of the main package when you book the cruise. Are you signed up yet? Check out their Mardi Gras hitting the sea in 2020 from Port Canaveral, FL!