Killer Klowns Arriving at Halloween Horror Nights Again

The Killer Klowns from Outer Space Scare zone was a hit last year and now Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Night announced that the Killer Klowns are returning as a haunted house.  You will be facing them as they are wrecking havoc and show why you should be afraid of clown in first place.

Throughout the house, your sense of fear will be trigger by your sense of smell as you encounter the smell as you would smell at the fairground like sweet cotton candy, buttery popcorn, and ice cream. While you smell the sweetness, you will be facing the fear such as baby Klowns, Boco, Klownzilla, and more while you’re visiting Klown’s circus-tent spaceship and cotton candy cocoon storage where they keep their victims.  There’s gang of klowns that are waiting for you.

There will be no escaping the big teeth of the Big Top.  Try to evade or you will end up in one of their cotton candy cocoons.

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