Vortex At Kings Island Retiring After 33 Seasons

Kings Island has announced on Friday, September 27th that Vortex will be retiring after 33 season. It pretty much reached the end of its service life. You still can get a last chances to ride it until October before it goes into history. This is second year in a row that Kings Island taken down another major attractions from their park after removing Firehawk last fall to make ways for Orion that’s coming to Kings Island next year.

Vortex was my 3rd coasters when I start riding roller coasters. It took me a while to ride roller coasters. After I got on the Beast, I was in love with the adrenaline of it. After many rides on Vortex, I have notice the ride was getting rough and not as pleasant when I first rode it. Best seat on the train is the far back, that’s where you really get the punch of the force after the first drop.

Vortex was debuted in April 11, 1987 and over 33 seasons, 45 million guest have ridden vortex. It was notable as the first roller coaster in the world to send riders through six inversions on a continuous circuit. It was such a popular attraction in its first year, that it helped Kings Island bring more than 3 million visitors in one season for the first time. The record year was 1987 when 2.2 million rides were given. That’s amazing number during the time.

Vortex’s History

The Bat, the world’s first suspended roller coaster, was closed and removed in 1984 to make ways for Vortex.  Construction started in winter of 1986 by Arrow Dynamics, an industry-leading manufacturer at the time.  Kings Island invested over $4 million on the ride and used 750 tons of steel to construct the ride.  The queue line and train station for The Bat was reused for Vortex. That’s one thing I love Vortex where they reused the historical elements and pass it on the new attractions.  I hope this will continue for whatever is coming in this land.  During the inauguration year when the ride opened, Vortex briefly set a few records for full-circuit roller coaster.  It was also the tallest and has most inversions with six.  Shockwave at Six Flags Great America has broke all vortex record in the following year.

Vortex has been repainted twice at least: once in 2001 and again in April 2009. The ride has seen its 25th anniversary in 2012 since it debut.    Vortex only had one incident that was report in 2011 where the computer detected the damaged on the chain lift.  The guest was safety removed from the ride and it was closed for several weeks for the replacement parts.

Photos of Vortex

Here are some photos of Vortex that I have taken in 2013.  I can’t find other collections of vortex that give you the idea of what’s Vortex is like!

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Vortex’s Roller Coaster Details

Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
Type / Model Steel / Sit-Down Roller Coaster
Length 3,800.0 ft
Height 148.0 ft
Drop 138.0 ft
Speed 55.0 mph
Inversions 6
Elements – Chain Lift Hill
– 2 Vertical Loops
– Double Corkscrew
– Batwing
– 360 Degree Helix
Duration 2 Minutes 30 Seconds
Cost $4,000,000
Ride Capacity 1,600 riders per hour
Train 3 Trains with 7 cars per train
Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 28 riders per train.


Videos – POV & Off Ride

Final rides on Vortex start now when Halloween Haunt opens at 6 p.m until October 27, 2019 on the final night of Fall season at Kings Island.  Go while you can!

Source: Kings Island