Blindspots – The Purge TV Series: Episode Recap (S2E3)

Tommy was taken to the court for his hearing.  His attorney showed up late and haven’t properly introduce himself prior to court.  The lawyer also said that his case is cut dry and all the evidence against him is pretty strong.  During the hearing, the judge asked how Tommy plead, and with all the evidences against him, lawyer suggest to plead guilty and beg for mercy.  Since this is Purge related crime, it’s considered class R crime.  Judge declared Tommy guilty and sentence Death that will be administrated at the next purge.  My question is why wait until the next purge?  NFFA really dominate the law around the purge for sure.

Ben’s Aggression Continue to Elevate

Ben has his ongoing obsession with killing as it’s affecting his intimacy with his girlfriend, Kelen.  She said Ben should have strawberries as it’s the natural “Viagra.”  Ben wasn’t able to share his struggle with Kelen.  Later on, Ben drove out to the farm where he read online as a place to “getting out aggression.”  The farmer approach to Ben and ask if he was lost.  Ben state what he learned about the place and then the farmer asked to pay the fee.  Once Ben paid the fee, he suit up to kill a cow.  Farmer asked to preserve the meat.  Ben enter the barn and stare the cow.  He wasn’t able to slay the beast.  On the way home, he saw a sign for fresh strawberries.  Ben asked the old man about the strawberries and want to buy some.  Ben gave money and was expecting correct change back.  Ben argued with the old man as it quickly escalates and physically fought with him.  Ben stab the old man to death with a blow on his head with a rock he found nearby.  As Ben return home, he half-admit that he purged but didn’t say it happen off Purge Night.  Ben is getting worse and worse.  I’m anxious to see what or who Ben will kill next.

Marcus’ Private Investigator shared her findings

Marcus and Michelle hired Private Investigator to find out who put the $75,000 bound on his head to be purged.  PI has asked to meet with Marcus privately.  While she shared her finding, she has found nothing but suspected that his wife Michelle may be involved in trying to get Marcus purge.  While Marcus didn’t believe what he heard, he took some precautious and set up GPS tracking on her phone and monitors her from home as she run errands and spending time with her friends as that’s what she said.  After while, Marcus was suspicious, he follow her to a remote warehouse where he eavesdrop on the ongoing group therapy session.  Michelle was sharing some emotional reflections and Marcus has sigh of relief.  He left and went home to cooks up a romantic dinner for her when she gets home.  Toward the end of the episode, Marcus was out on a run, someone in the black truck tried to run him over.  Marcus got out in time and wasn’t sure what happen

Ryan’s Ambitious Plan

After Ryan did some finding about the bank procedure’s during the purge night, he called for a meeting at the local bar.  Ryan informed Doug and Sara that bank removed most of the money from the vault on Purge Night and keep it in plane circling the sky all Purge night long.  Ryan share his plan where they should take the money before it leaves the ground on the next annual Purge night.  With this plan, it should be an opportunity that it will be funded for the rest of their life and don’t need to rob another bank.  “This is like breaking into the bank’s bank.”  Ryan, Doug, Sara, and Tommy were cops before they were robbers.  They used to work together until Purge Night eight years ago.  In a flashback, we learned that they used the Purge as an excuse to go after Caruso who was responsible for the drugs in the city.  Their boss overheard and advise them to stay home.  Ryan and his crew mission has gone left while they came face to face with the person protecting Caruso which was their boss in the police force.  The next morning, all 4 of them resigned and turn in their badges in solidarity as Ryan said he doesn’t work for crooked cops.

Esme investigates Ryan’s Suspicious Activities

NFFA has become suspicious about an activity of same vehicle repeatedly driving within 1,000 feet of private airport tarmac.  Esme was on the case and trying to figure out if it was the same case with Purge Night bank robbery where she has trouble identifying him.  She spied on him and follow that man who turnout to be Ryan.  She went to the bar while Ryan was having his meeting.  Ryan realized that he was being watched.   Esme returned back to NFFA surveillance HQ, she ID him as an ex-cop with heroic past.  As Esme was working out of the café, Darron came to meet up with Esme about Professor Adams case and the mystery file.  After Darron left, Ryan encounter her and remind her that he has committed no crime and he’s watching her too.

This episode really took off to whole other direction compare to the last episode in a way while we are still learning more about each character.  Ben is really in deep trouble.  Will Ben be able to get out of it even thou he already murder someone outside of the annual Purge as well during the Purge?  Will Marcus find his unknown enemy soon before the next annual Purge?  Will Esme figure out Professor Drew Adams before possibly being purge?  Will Ryan be able to successfully rob the bank’s bank during the next annual purge?  Is Tommy pretty much doom or will he escape?  Let find out what tonight episode will bring!

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The Purge TV Series Season 2 Episode Recap:
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