Grief Box – The Purge TV Series: Episode Recap (S2E4)

We are now at 3 months after the annual purge, the nation observes Remembrance Day.  It’s a holiday that’s dedicated to the memory of those who killed on Purge Nights past.  Every individuals who was purged during the purge nights will be cremated and put in the grief box and deliver to the “emergency contact” person.  It seems like the mass of bodies that was purged during the purge nights were cremated all at the same time.  It is like the Holocaust in a way where they burn the bodies together after Jews were murdered by the Nazi.  The cremations contain corpses’ ashes to be mixed all together.  The grief box contain the small urn with ash in it along with personal items that was found with the body along with the picture of the individuals that was purged for their love ones to grief their loss.  I’m glad there is some compassion after the annual purge night.  NFFA really dominate the nation with their logo everywhere even on the grief box.  It’s definitely a mix feeling for the whole thing with NFFA and the purge night.

Ryan’s Crew testing jammer

Ryan is still planning at large to try to get large score from the bank to be able to have support for rest of their lives, $100 Million Dollars.  The crew tests out their jammer which is to be used to disable the bank’s airplane.  The jammer works with great success, but they need to figure out how to get into the vaults before it’s put on the airplane.  Tommy played a huge role with building connections and getting the information that the crew need.  While Tommy is in jail due to the crime, he commit at the end of the Purge siren, Ryan had connection with cops from his days and was able to make a visit to Tommy without being on camera.  Ryan was given 5 minutes.  Ryan and Tommy exchange their conversation while Ryan getting the need to know information due to limit time. Tommy recommended an employee he knows name Carl but warn Ryan that he can be erratic.  The officer came in urgent and said the plan has changed and Ryan need to leave now.  Ryan met up with Carl at the parking lot and agreed to getting them to the vault before the bank loaded onto the plane with the exchange of a cut on the score.

Marcus attack the wrong man

Marcus’s private investigator found a new lead.  Marcus and the assassin grew up on the same street.  After Marcus declining to join Michelle’s invitation to join her at the neighborhood’s Remembrance Day cookout.  Marcus went to Tonya’s Remembrance Day barbecue to gather more information after picking up Darren, his son.  Tonya was Marcus’s ex-wife from previous marriage.

Before the arrival to the barbecue, we were taken back 14 years ago.  Marcus, his family, and their close friends gather at the house and boarded the house armed with little more than baseball bat and a gun.  Before the lock down at Marcus’ house, Marcus was running late and encounter group of purgers before the siren as they waved at him.  Later on the night, the Purger attempted to break in with a chainsaw, another intruder snuck in and put a knife on Tonya’s throat.  She recognized his voice as he was a student from the school she taught at and calmly got him to give up the knife.  She soothe him as he collapses into her arm.  “You got family here”, Tonya said.

As we are taken back to the present day, Marcus spot a black truck that look like the one that tried to run him down months earlier.  He went after the driver and attack him.  It turn out the man he knew for years after Darren pointed out to Marcus as he was embarrassed.  Tonya has shared with Marcus after learning that Marcus was almost Purged that there was a man came around asking about him last summer.  Marcus decided to take action and write a post on Ivory Road, dark web, that we have learned from his assassin on the last annual Purge night.  With exchange of money or pharma, Marcus hope he will be able to uncover the identity of the attacker who put $75,000 bounty for Marcus to be dead.

Ben befriends a Purger enthusiast

Ben’s aggression has grown even more than ever.  He has been following the news about the berry farmer he murdered three months prior.  The police ruled that the berry farmer has died by heat stroke.  This sound bit fishy but Ben got away with luck this time around.  Later on, Ben gone about to Purge USA, retail store, for their Remembrance Day Sale.  Ben met with Andy, enthusiastic Purger, and learned later on that he goes to same school as he does.  Andy shared that he has a list of people who has done wrong with him and follow them around until the next annual purge night and purge them.  Ben invited him to the Remembrance Day Drinking party at his frat.  Ben was encouraged by Andy to purge Turner since he left him behind during the purge night at the next Purge. Ben was so hungry to kill again and almost carry out the suggestion but he stop after Turner crying over his dead body.  Toward to the very end of the episode, we see the anti-Purger activists walking home after the party and one of them was heading to her room.  Ben approach her from behind in a dark tunnel and placed the GOD mask onto his face.  It looks like the very same mask that was his purger has one that he purge on the previous purge night.

The finding in Dr. Adams’ study

Darren met up with Esme at her home.  He found the studies that Dr. Adam’s was working on and it came to be the study of violence addiction.  If the hypothesis proved to be true, this would go against the NFFA’s claim that the Purge release and classified rage.  In the studies, there was a list of subjects so Esme ran through the NFFA’s database and found all are dead except Olivia Hughes.  Esme visit Hughes home and found her body in the bathtub.  While Esme was working back at NFFA, she dug through the surveillance videos around Hughes’ home around her final days and finding that a lot of the videos archives has been omitted.  Toward the end of the episode, we have learned that Esme’s boss has been watching Esme’s step through the camera implanted in her computer monitor.  I know something was fishy since the first episode with the camera and Esme.  Her career with NFFA will be ending very soon.  Tsk tsk!

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