House of Mirrors – The Purge TV Series: Episode Recap (S2E5)

This season is getting better by the episode as we are getting closer to the next annual purge!  This annual purge has become a vacation destination for people around the world to come to USA to purge.  We were taken to Brazil where there were two young ladies walking into the travel agent.  The bride spoked with the travel agent and asked for a vacation package to Purge Nights at New Orleans for her bachelorette party!  The bride said it’s not killing, it’s purging.  That just blown my mind!  I’m guessing the maid of honor was with her and she was very hesitated about this whole bachelorette party.  The package comes with a six-shooter gun and a personal bodyguard for each one of them.  There are 6 bridesmaids and a bride!  What a party that will be!

Ben can’t get enough of the killing

Ben has hook up Andy with one of his girlfriend’s friend, Bonnie for a double date.  It seems all Andy has talked about the Purge which freak both of the girls out.  Later on, Ben was playing video game with Andy and drinking.  They both have a talk about the literature written by the woman who founded the Purge.  Ben said, “How can something be good one day and wrong the next?”  Ben then brag about killing the berry farmer and then he started to backtrack to what he said and kind of scare Andy a bit. This part threw me off since Andy is all about the purge but when it’s off-purge season, he goes by the law.  Interesting perspective of Andy as he got a little startled with Ben’s confession even thou Ben said he made it up.  Ben didn’t think Andy believed in him that he was joking.  Ben grab the knife and went right toward to Andy and stab him in the stomach.  Andy was left to bleed out.  Ben bolted out.  Once he realized that he forgot his wallet, the building was under the fire alarm evacuation.  He managed to sneak back with the firefighters.  Once he got in the room, his wallet was still there but Andy’s body wasn’t.  Ben followed the trial to the elevator.  Ben realized he was too late.  Moment later, the elevator reached to the first floor and as the door opened, Andy was dead in front of the stunned students waiting to go up.

Esme is still on her mission

Esme was still on her mission about who was behind Dr. Adam’s murder.  After finding Olivia Hughes dead, it was ruled out as suicide, but Esme believe it was murdered.  Esme hired a young woman from anti-NFFA organization to help her to prove that Olivia Hughes was murdered.  Esme has already took so many precautions to eliminate any possibility of being spied on through any transmitter.  Esme had a flashback from 10 years ago after her moth died, her father started beating her sister, Sofia.  Esme came to visit Sophia and her dad as she thought things were going well.  After seeing the mark on Sophia’s wrist and her chest and the pain through Sophia’s eye, Esme became furious and bring Sophia to live with her.  Sophia is struggling and wasn’t motivated to go to therapy with Dr. Adams.  She eventually ran away.  Later on, we saw her father came over to Esme’s home and she denied entrance to her home on Purge Night.  She started reciting the Hail Mary prayer as she went into her home as she move away from her dad as the siren went off.  She listened on as the purgers go after her terrified father.  She didn’t show no regret for letting that happen to her father.  Back to present, Esme need to provide a direct link to the NFFA’s system to avoid raising alarms.  Their progress halted when she feel like something was off as she found a mic sewed into her purse.  I have a feeling that someone especially her boss is spying on her.  Esme won’t have her job any more soon and might be charged for something for her actions.

Ryan risks it all to get to the vault

With the plan of putting the jammer on the safe, Carl attempt to do it by doing house visit at Barker family’s home.  Barker is the one of the rich, pro-NFFA family and already had the details that the bank need for the safe which Carl was pretending to represent.  Since that plan fail, Ryan want to go right to Plan B which is breaking and entering into Barker home.  Since the Barkers go play golf once a week and no staff on site, they decided to break and enter that day.  Doug was on the lookout to keep an eye on Barker’s trail to the local golf course and back home.  The rest of the crew with Carl will be doing the breaking and enter.  Carl was on the lookout while Ryan and Sara plant the jammer in the safe.  Doug wasn’t able to maintain the look out since the golf course security was questioning him and escort him into the clubhouse.  The Barkers already return home and pretty much shot Carl in the face.  It was pretty nasty hit for sure.  The Barkers closed their purge gate.  They were looking for the intruders meaning Ryan and Sara.  Ryan and Sara got out by calling the police and they came to the mansion.  Ryan and Sara was under arrested.  As they were supposedly to be heading to the police station, the car went off road where Ryan and Sara met with their former Boss, they were promptly released when they agreed to give her the cut.  Eight years later, nothing has changed in her.   She’s still a crooked.  This is going to get even more interesting now!

Marcus has a name and had a startling discovery about Michelle

Marcus was still working on finding out who want him dead. He got several responses to his Ivory Road post.  He agreed to meet up with one user in a parking garage in town.  Marcus pulled up in the garage and waited for this user, Albert.  Albert pulled in and he said that he can deliver the name, but it has consequence and at a price.  Since Marcus is a doctor, Albert want to use him to help him out with something instead of dealing with the hospital.  Marcus agreed to the deal. Shortly after, Albert show up at Marcus’ house.  He said he need help and need to open the garage door so there won’t have to be a scene in the neighborhood.   The man had infected leg and need surgery.  Marcus clear out his dining room table and perform an emergency surgery.  Michelle came home and was scared of what she saw.  Marcus explained and resume back to the surgery.  Once the surgery was completed, Albert delivered the name as promise.  Marcus read the name on the card and it was Sam Tucker.  Michelle made a confession that she had an affair with him.  She said that Marcus was always working, and she is lonely.  It was a short term affair from what she said and ended pretty quickly.  Will Marcus stay with Michelle or finish her in the next purge?  This is crazy!

As we jump from episode to episode, it’s crazy and clearly insane how people are getting themselves in a deep hole where they may not see themselves after the next annual purge.  Is there a connection with all of them when we arrived to the next annual purge similar to the last season?  This is getting too good.  I can’t wait for the next episode!

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The Purge TV Series Season 2 Episode Recap:
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