April 30, 2020 Update

We are living in the world of COVID-19 pandemic, we all know that.  It’s breaking the norms that we are used to in our daily lives.  It does bring the good and the bad out of all of us.  This is also an opportunity to catch up on projects that you didn’t have time for or been neglecting for a while.  Also this is a time to spend time with your love ones as well even thou they may drive you and them crazy.  Look at it as done with love.

There has been more update on CoasterMedia.net this past year alone and there are a lot more in the draft that need to be finished.  I have been catching up with the latest news from the park as well the closure updates from Theme Parks and many attractions in central Florida.

While we are dealing with the pandemic, I’m still working at one of my two day jobs.  As a grocery clerk, it has been crazy day in and day out with some shortages of items.  As the store manager are keeping up to date with the latest changes within the company, we complied for our safety as well for our customers.  You may know that many stores have signs on the floor per aisle where customers as well employees go only in one direction instead of two way traffic.  This definite reduce the spreading which is one of the recommendation from the experts.  Another thing that has major effect on us is wearing mask.  With the high demand of customers relying on grocery, we have to move in fast pace to keep up the shelf full and filled.  By wearing mask, the work productivity is slower due to difficult breathing with the mask air flow.  Thankfully, I have been working three overnights a week in the last two weeks to work the shipments to filled the shelf and not required to wear mask as we are working in our own zone throughout the store.  It has been helpful.


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We are now required to wear mask on the clock. *tense horror movie*. Heeeeerrrreee Jeff! Run fo’ yo’ life! 😆

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I’m being furlough from my other job in merchandise at a theme parks which is closed since mid-March until further notice.  I do appreciate the steps that the company has taken to protect the lives of the theme park employees as well the park guests as well.  Speaking of theme parks, amusements parks, and attractions around the world, it will be a while before it can be operated at full capacity.  The question is how long is going to take before we can resume the full capacity again.  Could it be months or years?

There will be more official update in late May or early June with details of the major changes and/or updates that you can see or will see on this website.  I have my long task list and I’m checking them off as I go.

I hope you and your love ones are doing well.  At the mean times, see you on the wire with more updates!  Speaking of the update, stay tune for Disney+ and Hulu release list coming out in May 2020!  Just follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for more update!