April 2021 Update

Happy Friday!  I just want to welcome to our new visitor and welcome back to our current and past visitors.  There have been some changes on the website.  There are a few major changes and a lot of minor changes (which I won’t go into details on those).  I’m always open to feedback and suggestion to improve the flow of for you!

Before I get into the updates on the website update, I want to share my vision I have for and social media channels.  I have a big heart for Theme Parks, Movies, Halloween, LEGOs, as well traveling.  Over the years, I have gain many new interests so I keep adding it to my channel.  CoasterMedia will be heavily focus on theme parks and like as well movies.  Everything else is an icy on the cake!  I also want to use CoasterMedia platform to promote awareness about the Deaf community / culture / language since I’m Deaf myself as well.  I feel that it’s important to share some awareness about amazing world of mine as a Deaf individual.

New Web Layout

Welcome to the new web design.  While this is a new theme that will allow the website to be alter in different ways like destination guides, attraction reviews, schedules of the upcoming shows and film on streaming but still the website will be streamline and cohesive with the overall design.  Next few month updates as we are rebuilding the website,


Another major change made was the menu categories.   We will be focusing on these dominant areas on CoasterMedia.Net

  • Theme Parks
  • Films & Streaming
  • Cinematic Universe
  • Toys & Collectibles
  • Travel This is one of my favorite thing to do is to explore new places and see new things.  I will be sharing updates about Cruises, Unique Hotels, Destinations
  • Deaf World This will be the platform to learn about the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community’s culture and language.  I hope to have at least 1 or 2 updates a month on this topic.
  • Videos
  • CM Zone This will be a place to go for all the latest update from CoasterMedia’s office and what’s going on my end as well you can see the latest web update.

Home Page

One of the major change made was the menu categories.   We will be focusing on these dominant areas:  Theme Parks / Films & Streaming / Cinematic Universe / Toys & Collectibles / Travel / Deaf World / Videos / CM Zone.

Advertisement In The Future

I’m not a fan of have billions of advertisement plastered everywhere on the website.  In the near future, we will have limited Ad slot open for sale.  Each AD sales will be reviewed before going live on  I will share more details when it’s ready to go live with ad slots built in.

Vodcast: Planning Stage

“Spot Talk” with CoasterMedia Vodcast is currently in planning stage for the new series on YouTube.  This will be a new vodcast series with quick recap of Theme Parks Updates around the world.  The goal is to have each episode to be 5-7 minutes.  It will be done in ASL with subtitle with broadcast news format.  It will be posted weekly on YouTube and Facebook Page.  As this is all in the planning stage, there’s a lot of parts to it like building the show format, designing the graphics, establishing the storyboard for the series, and more.

I hope these major changes will give you an idea of where we are going with this.  Just making small moves to make this a bigger things (That’s the goal!)

If you need to reach out to me or give some feedback or whatever about what’s coming up and going forward, feel free to contact me via social media channel or contact page which is now live as well!