LEGO First Loop Coaster can be your next set!


Roller Coasters Enthusiast and LEGO’s Builder, get ready to strap on for a wildest ride yet in the LEGO building adventure!  LEGO reveal a gigantic LEGO model that will be released this summer 2022.  Welcome the colossal Loop Coaster aka #10303!

It’s advertised as an adult-oriented set, this set include a boarding station, control panel and a roller coaster train. This coaster set unlike few past LEGO coaster sets has 2 loops, a teardrop shaped loop and one perfect circle. This gravity-driven roller coasters can be upgraded with LEGO Powered Up to have a motorized elevator instead of manually cranked the train to the top from the lift hill.

If you already have another LEGO Fairground collection set, this would be a great addition as this can turn into an amusement park.  This is a gift idea for amusement park lovers.  This would be an ideal set to have but currently don’t have a spot for it to sit on at the time.

There are 11 minifigures included in this set.  This includes with accessories like park bench with map, balloon cart, pretzel cart, hot-dog stand, and more.  Six of the 11 minifigures have reversible heads to show different emotions.  This is brilliant touch to the set.


Since theme parks and amusement parks are known to be beautiful in both daytime and night time, it would be awesome addition to have lights for the night time.  There is a third party that make lights that’s compatible with LEGO bricks.  Hopefully we can see this happening in the future sets that’s coming forth.

LEGO is selling this for $399 USD online or you can buy it at your nearest LEGO store.

This is not a sponsored blog post.  This is one of my few interests.


Loop Coaster