The Traitors | The Game Is Afoot Recap

Sit down and brace on! Murder, deception, and reality television stars in Peacock’s new show, The Traitors, that brings 10 celebrities and 10 civilians to play a dangerous game.  Behold there are three of them known as “the traitors” who murder (kick out of the game) in the dead of the night while the remaining contestants known as “the faithful” figure out their identities.  The first episode just set the scene and the tone for the rest of the series by reveal the traitors.

Let the game begin!

The episode kicked off with the cast of The Traitors, including 10 celebrities — Arie Luyendyk Jr., Brandi Glanville, Cirie Fields, Cody Calafiore, Kate Chastain, Kyle Cooke, Rachel Reilly, Reza Farahan, Ryan Lochte, and Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick — and 10 civilians — Christian de la Torre, Michael Davidson, Andie Thurmond, Quentin Jiles, Shelbe Rodriguez, Geraldine Moreno, Robert “Bam” Nieves, Anjelica Conti, Azra Valani, and Amanda Clark — arriving at the  castle in Scotland.

Photo by Peacock

Host Alan Cumming explained the game to the players. He would select three of them as traitors, who would murder one person each night. During the day, the cast would compete in challenges to add money to their prize pot. And in the evenings, they would participate in a round table to decide who to banish from the game.

The goal for the faithful is to find the traitors, while the traitors must deceive and manipulate their way to the end. And if the traitors are left standing when the dust settles, they’ll win all the money.  If all traitors are found, the prize will be split to the remaining the faithfuls.

Alan welcomed the 20 contestants into the castle, where they settled in and got to know one another. But before they knew it, it was time to gathered at the round table.

Who are the traitors?

The cast gathered at the round table in The Traitors Episode 1. Alan made them put on a blindfold while he walked around the room in the same fashion as Duck, Duck, Goose and tapped the shoulders of the people chosen to be the traitors. So which three lucky people were hand-picked to be the most cunning contestants in the game?

Alan’s first pick — Cirie — wasn’t surprising at all. As she said during a confessional, this game was made for Cirie. And we couldn’t think of a better person to be a traitor than the Survivor legend herself.

Next, Alan tapped Christian’s shoulder, and he was ecstatic. Going into the game, he desperately wanted to be a traitor, and he got his wish.

Last, but certainly not least, Alan chose Cody as the third traitor. And just like his fellow co-conspirators, the Big Brother 22 winner was excited about his new mission. However, following the ceremony, Rachel picked up on signs that Cody was a traitor right off the bat.

Mission: Ignite the Giant Scottish Monsters

For the contestants’ first mission in The Traitors series, they split into two groups. And their goal was to ignite two giant Scottish monsters. The first team to do so within the allotted time would add $20,000 to the prize pot. And if the second team completed the challenge within the assigned time, they would add $10,000.

Photo by Peacock

During the mission, others clocked Reza as too stressed out and frazzled. But in the end, both teams set the beasts on fire, adding $30,000 to the pot.

Later that night, Cirie, Christian, and Cody gathered in the traitor’s secret meeting place — a turret in the castle. Cirie and Cody weren’t too happy to learn that Christian was a traitor because they thought he would give his identity away.

Cirie, Christian, and Cody then debated about who to murder. They narrowed it down to the Bravo crew — Reza, Brandi, and Kate. But their choice wouldn’t be revealed until episode 2.

Who is going to get murder?

All 10 episodes of The Traitors are now available to stream on Peacock.