Woody Woodpecker’s KIDZone is now closed after nearly 25 years

Orlando Informer

Woody Woodpecker’s KIdZone has permanently closed after nearly 25 years at Universal Studios Florida.  Universal announced the closure of several attractions in the area back in November.   At the time, it was announced that it was a part of a plan to bring “exciting new family entertainment” to that area of the park.

Barney’s play area and store was the first closure and it made way for the temporary attractions known as DreamWorks Destination and the Shrek and Donkey’s Meet and Greet.  The meet and greet is now closed.

The other remaining attractions such as Fever’s Playland, Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster, Curious George Goes to Town water playground are also closed.

“Thank you for laughing with Woody the past 24 years,” Universal wrote in a tweet. “KidZone will remain in our hearts.”

“Universal Orlando Resort will soon begin work on bringing exciting new family entertainment to Universal Studios that will immerse guests in the adventures of beloved animated characters,” the resort said in a statement.

Universal has not yet said what will be replacing the former KidZone attractions, however, the resort previously teased that more details would be released in “the months ahead.”

Nearby attractions and shops such as  E.T. Adventure, Animal Actors on Location!, the SpongeBob StorePants gift shop and KidZone Pizza Company remain open.  I adore E.T. Adventure because it is such a classic and immersive ride that hits all 5 senses.  From the given rumor that is circulating online that there’s a contract between Steven Spielburg and Universal, if one ride closed for good so will the other rides that are tied with Spieldburg will close for good.  That’s a hefty price since the only remaining active attractions are Jurassic Park which is one of the major headline attractions for Universal as well E.T. Adventure.  

With the given past rumors, this area was going to be the location for the Nintendo World.  After Universal Orlando Resort announced EPIC Universe, it was obvious that Nintendo World is going there with the given rendering of the park.  Who knows what it’s going to be since it mention it’s going to be a “family entertainment” section of the park at this time.  That area is also used to house a few houses for Halloween Horror Nights as well.

Universal Studios is undergoing a number of changes. A new attraction featuring the Minion characters is under construction at the park. Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast is scheduled to open this summer. It replaces the former Shrek 4-D attraction.  It’s definitely an exciting change for Universal and can’t wait to see what’s coming ahead.