– January 2023 Update

Welcome to!  For others, welcome back!

I’m really excited about what’s coming to for this year.  I don’t want to spill too much here.  Right now, the website is cluttering everywhere.  As you know, life happens so that it always takes priority before anything else.  After reflecting on last year, I have been spending some time molding and engineering the website as I have envisioned for a long time.

Feast of Mardi Gras and more!

Mardi Gras and similar events have already started!  Keep an eye out for all of the upcoming Mardi Gras events that will be happening in Central Florida.  There are other events that are happening as well.  Keep your eyes open on the social media channel for the meantime.  

There’s a lot of exciting new additions coming to the park this year as well as things closed to make way for the new attractions coming next year and beyond.  While the website is being smooth out, I am hoping to have 5-10 posts a week since there’s a lot of ground to cover what’s coming up at the parks worldwide.

Website Update and Changes

While the website is still under construction at this time, you can get a general idea of where I’m heading with this website.  It’s broken down into sections of interests that I have.  In the next 3 months, you will see a lot of changes especially on the homepages and home pages in each section of the website.  Hopefully it will make sense in a way.  I’m excited about the upcoming change and updates on the website in upcoming weeks ahead.

With all the latest updates that I have shared above, please feel free to share some feedback or suggestions.  You can contact me via the contact form or through the social media channel!  Thank you for checking and looking forward to seeing you again soon.