Exclusive Funko Pop! – Glow in the Dark Bruno!


Funko just released a Funko Pop! Exclusive: Bruno Madrigal (Glow) from Encanto.  Save the magic of your home with Bruno!  He also glows in the dark too!  Vinyl FIgure is approximately 4-inches tall.  It’s very fitting!

If you haven’t seen Disney’s Encanto, Bruno Madrigal is a complex character with remarkable abilities.  Born to Abuela Alma’s triplets, Juieta, Pepa, and Bruno.  He is the youngest Madrigal with a special gift where he is able to see the future and it’s often considered a curse.  When he can see what’s coming, a talent has caused a great distress to his family and neighbors.  He has become a black sheep of his large family.

Bruno spends years hiding within the walls of the Casita, watching over the Madrigals and doing his part to protect them.  Bruno’s tale is immortalized in the famous song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” which offer a glimpse into the Madrigals’ troubled history with Bruno’s gift and the sacrifices he made for his family. His ability to see the future may not be as flashy as his siblings’ powers, but it is no less valuable.  Bruno’s love and devotion to his family are a testament to the power of love and the importance of family bonds.

The Academy Award-winning animated film, Encanto, captured audiences’ hearts with the Madrigal family’s enchanting story.  While Encanto is filled with magical powers and extraordinary abilities, Bruno’s story is a poignant reminder that not all gifts are created equal. Directed by Byron Howard and written by Jared Bush, Encanto is a magical journey celebrating the power of family, love, and sacrifice.