Shaka-Laka Shores coming to Adventure Island this spring!

SeaWorld Entertainment

Adventure Island, located across the street from Busch Gardens, will reopen for the season this weekend on March 4th.  In just a few weeks later, the water park will be opening a new interactive splash area for kids in late March called Shaka-Laka Shores.  It will feature 25 play elements and a variety of interactive aquatic components.

“Shaka-Laka Shores’ vibrant and interactive elements are bound to provide our youngest guests with a playful space to splash and explore,” park president Neal Thurman said in a statement. “Shaka-Laka Shores will bundle the elements of excitement and interactivity to serve as another great option for families experiencing Adventure Island.”

The kid-friendly area will feature 25 play elements and interactive aquatic components.  The splash area will be located near the entrance of the park and highlight the park’s tropical paradise theme.  This is a great location especially for young kids who can’t wait to play without having to go lengthy walk after walking through the parking lot.

The new kid-friendly area is part of the water park’s largest expansion in decades. Other additions include last year’s new attractions — Rapids Racer and Wahoo Remix —  as well as a redesigned entrance and new lounging areas.

Learn more about Shaka-Laka Shores, check out all their offerings in the new interactive splash areas here.