Cockpit View: Night Landing in LA



Flying in an airplane is the most efficient and luxurious way to get across the globe.  Even the most hardened travelers can’t help being amazed when they come in to land over a major city especially at nighttime when the metropolis is lit up.

This stunning video was posted over 12 years ago by the pilot himself and it was shortly taken down assuming to protect him from losing his job.  Sure enough someone else was able to grab the video and repost it.  The video puts you as a viewer in the pilot’s shoes as a plane flies over the city and lands at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) from inside of the cockpit.

L.A. offers a particularly vivid panorama for night flights, as the city is spread over a huge area.  As the plane descends over the suburbs, the city extends as far as the eye can see.  It’s easy to see LA with the glowing light of street lamps and buildings.

In the video, you will see areas like Malibu and Santa Monica are marked out with labels as you fly over LA on the flightpath before the plane reaches the blaze of lights that is downtown Los Angeles.  As you can see at the final descent coming into the LAX runway shows the nerve-wrecking course that must be taken by pilots as they fly into highly developed areas.

The plane seems to be terrifyingly close to the buildings which border the airport, but the pilot guides his charge on the runaway and taxis to the final destination with no problems.

The video, of course, was sped up to shorten the usual landing process, and the soundtrack that goes with it is awesome.  The music is not for everyone but it is fitting with being in LA.

Compared from 12 years ago to today, travelers are now able to see the camera from the front of the airplane to see what the pilots are seeing on their personal TV at their seats or on the big screen.

This was a good video to share the glorious view of Los Angeles that I hope to visit someday in near future with my family.

Check out the video and share your thoughts!