Falcon’s Fury is now open again!

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Falcon Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay just reopened after being closed for several months. 

Falcon Fury is a 355-foot-tall drop tower that sends park guests plunging down at 60mph.  The attraction is located in the Pantopia area of the park.  Falcon Fury is the tallest freestanding Drop Tower in North America. The attraction debuted in 2014.

Falcon’s Fury was closed shortly after the incident on Orlando Freefall Tower at Orlando ICON Park in March 2022.  Orlando FreeFall Tower is permanently closed and recently finished dismantling from ICON Park.

After the incident in Orlando last year, Busch Gardens conducted an inspection on Falcon’s Fury to make sure it was in order shortly.  Falcon Fury reopened after that and then later closed for routine maintenance.  Dollywood Park closed the ride by the same maker of Orlando’s Free Fall after the incident.  Busch Garden mentions its Falcon’s Fury offers a different experience and safety system but still proceeds to check it with caution.

Falcon Fury reopened to park guests on Wednesday after being closed for several months for refurbishment. The extended closure was due to what Busch Gardens said were supply chain issues.

Check out the POV of what you would experience on Falcon’s Fury.

My Thoughts

I’m glad Falcon Fury is back and running.  Drop Towers has been known for a lot of incident especially from Orlando and Kentucky Kingdom (Formerly known as Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom).  I am ready to ride it, just need to shed off a few more pounds.  *wink*

Are you ready to face the fury?