Kings Island Renames Classic Rides for Camp Snoopy Expansion

Kings Island

Kings Island has exciting plans for the expansion of their award-winning Kids’ Area, Planet Snoopy, in fall 2023. They will be introducing Camp Snoopy, which will feature a new family roller coaster called Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers and an interactive play area called Beagle Scout Acres. In addition to these new attractions, there will also be theming additions and enhancements to several existing rides in this area of Planet Snoopy. Some of these rides will undergo name changes as they become part of Camp Snoopy.

One of the popular rides in the park’s history, Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, will be getting a new name in 2024. It will be called Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride. Guests can enjoy a relaxing journey through the waterways of Camp Snoopy on a hollowed-out log before experiencing a thrilling plunge down Wishy-Washy Falls.

Another ride, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, will be renamed Woodstock’s Air Rail in Camp Snoopy. Woodstock will be in charge of delivering Camp Snoopy’s mail and is looking for recruits to help him. Guests can hop aboard these Woodstock-themed flyers for some high-flying fun.

Lastly, Woodstock Gliders, a favorite ride in Planet Snoopy, will become Franklin’s Flyers in Camp Snoopy. Franklin, a beloved Peanuts character, has created unique flying gliders for fellow campers to enjoy the sights as they soar high above, reaching heights of up to 28 feet.

Along with the rides undergoing name changes, Linus Launcher will be integrated into Camp Snoopy without any alterations to its current name. This special attraction depicts a memorable Peanuts moment where Snoopy whisks Linus away on a thrilling journey.

Prepare for a whole new adventure at Planet Snoopy with the revamped Camp Snoopy featuring new rides, immersive theming, and exciting enhancements that will bring your beloved Peanuts characters to life in ways you’ve never seen before. The grand opening of Camp Snoopy is scheduled for late spring, so get ready to be amazed!