Carnival Paradise Rescues 28 Cubans Adrift at Sea

Carnival Cruise Line

At around 2:30pm on April 21st, something incredible happened aboard the Carnival Paradise cruise ship. As the ship was cruising from Tampa to Roatan, Honduras, the vigilant bridge team spotted a vessel in distress. Without hesitation, they swiftly changed course to come to the rescue of the 28 Cuban nationals who were desperately signaling for help while adrift at sea.

With great care and efficiency, the crew of the Carnival Paradise managed to bring all the individuals on board their ship. Once safely aboard, the weary and hungry survivors were provided with nourishing food to replenish their strength. To ensure their well-being, the ship’s medical team promptly attended to each person, offering any necessary medical assistance or attention they required.

In the spirit of cooperation and responsibility, the US Coast Guard Sector Key West and the officials in Roatan were immediately notified of the situation. This allowed for a coordinated effort to be put in place to ensure the smooth transition and proper care of the rescued individuals upon their arrival in Honduras. The combined efforts of the Carnival Paradise crew, the US Coast Guard, and the Roatan officials demonstrate the importance of teamwork and collaboration in times of crisis.

As the Carnival Paradise continues its journey, it is expected to reach its destination in Honduras on Monday, April 22nd. This remarkable incident serves as a reminder of the dedication and commitment of the crew members on board the Carnival Paradise, who go above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of all those who sail with them.