Riding Roller Coaster in the Snow!

Don’t you ever wonder what it would be like riding roller coaster in the snow?  It would definite be much colder than a typical ride during Spring to Fall.  Also it would be much brighter ride with the snow as it is reflecting the sunlight.  I would love to ride on the coaster while it is snowing or shortly after it snowed when there is an opportunity to ride it.  Robb Alvey from Theme Park Review had the opportunity to experience it and also videotape his experience while riding in the snow.  Check out Big Boom Coaster POV below.

While this ride may not be all that great but the opportunity to ride on the coaster in the snow is very rare.  Riding on the roller coaster during winter is unheard of in United State unless you’re in the indoor attractions that open all year round.  I understand the measure of safety required for all the riders riding in a critical condition such as snow and ice.  Anything can happen.   Safety definite outweighs the risk of riding on the coaster during the wet season.

Check out Theme Park Review’s Report from their trip back in 2005.

Would you dare yourself to ride on the roller coaster in the snow?  I would do it within reason.